Creative, High End Digital Video Content for your Brand

Emotion. That is the power behind B2C marketing. What do you feel when you watch this video?

The British Beer & Pub Industry suffered greatly at the hand of COVID-19 and many breweries out there have struggled to adapt their marketing and sales strategy.


As a lover of beer, I wanted to help.

There is now a much higher demand in supplying direct to the customer.

Marketing for B2C is different to than B2B, there is a much higher need to tap into the emotional side of a potential customer than selling direct to pubs and restaurants.

So who is Front Row Video? Let me tell you in the best way I know how!

How Can We Help?

I can create a video for you that can really tap into the emotion of your potential customers, that will drive them to your beverage.

Video is a daunting prospect to many people, especially small and medium size businesses. What I pride myself in is really understanding my client's needs and goals and putting them at ease. There are many ways video can help out, more than I can detail in a simple webpage.

Get in touch today to arrange a discovery call, let's get your brand out there and ahead of the game.