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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller.

I am an experienced cinematographer and videographer with over five years of filmmaking experience both in the narrative and commercial world, across the south east of England. I love working with people who understand the vast benefits of video and are willing to dedicate the time and money into making something really special that shows their message.

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How I Became a Cinematographer and Videographer

My passion ignited when I was a young boy; I always loved using my dad’s camera whenever we were out and about. I also loved the idea of making films. When I was around 10 years old, I started making some short Lego and clay stop motion animations, and later editing video game cinematics for fun. In my early 20’s, I wanted to make live action films, so I joined a film club in Reading.


From there, I learnt about all the stages of film production and I decided that is what I wanted to do become a videographer and cinematographer. I did market research into what videos are being produced for businesses and brands and that was when Front Row Video was launched.


I have always loved the cinematography aspect of filmmaking and I spend a lot of my free time practicing techniques, watching examples on YouTube, researching different cameras and lighting to make sure I produce the best quality image possible. Whether that is making a person look great on camera or bringing a product to life. That is my core drive behind what I do, knowing that I can be the go-to person to produce the high-end look but not at a high-end price.

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My favourite part about being a Videographer/Filmmaker

The creativity that it allows both on an image level but also on a practical level.


It doesn’t matter what is around the camera, as long as the image looks good in the camera. I have gaffer-taped lights to ceilings, faked sunlight through blinds, made a few “Frankenstein” camera rigs by attaching different pieces of equipment together, all in the goal for creating the content that we would expect to see in a cinema from a big budget production. It’s that combination of visual creativity, visual storytelling and logical problem solving that makes me absolutely love filmmaking.


I’m not tied down to any genre, I just love telling compelling stories whether that’s comedy, drama or romance!

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On the set of "KIDS" directed by Nakiah Varcianna

The most challenging part about being a filmmaker/videographer is…

Budgetary restrictions are always the pain point of a lot of filmmakers, however that is what challenges you to do the job within that budget. Sometimes it can be tough and stressful, mainly when that budget limits your time rather than equipment. However, once you achieve the shot or film you want from that, it is very satisfying.

Video Shoot

My favourite project for each type of filming that I undertake:

Commercial Video Production

I produced a short commercial for CiderIsWine. Each wine is designed to be consumed with a certain food type so with that in mind, I pitched a brief of utilising these foods in conjunction with the wine to maximise the ‘show, don’t tell aspect’.


This was designed to show the company as a distributor and believer in the Cider Wine industry. They let me have creative freedom over the look and feel of the video. For this project, I was able to really hone my video storytelling skills and produce a visually engaging piece which shows off the brand and the products.

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I was the cinematographer on a film called Bad Apples in 2021.


It was an incredibly tough shoot due to the tight schedule, but it was the first project where I had a full team and high-end camera kit behind me - making it a good learning experience. The shots came out wonderfully.

The film is currently in post-production, once it has been released I will update here with a link!

Wedding Videographer

I really enjoyed the last wedding video I did, since I had the most experience with that one and the venue, Old Luxtors Barn, was lovely to film in. A good setting can make all the difference.


The couple were also very easy to work with, they absolutely loved the end result and said they watched it five times on the day that I gave it to them!

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