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Is Hiring a Professional Videographer/Filmmaker for your business worth it?

Hiring a professional videographer or video production company for your business is something everyone should be considering. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube, it is incredibly important for every company to embrace these platforms, otherwise you’ll be left behind.

But why should you hire someone like me? Could you just shoot something on your phone?

Yes you could and I actively encourage sharing “day in the life” snapshots to be posted on Instagram Stories as they are a great engagement asset.

But here are a few ways that I can help:

  1. I have the right equipment. I won’t disclose how much money I have spent on equipment over the years but let’s just say that I spend that money so you don’t have to! I am constantly evolving and upgrading kit to deliver better results for my clients.a

  2. We know how to construct a story. Whether its a feature film or a talking head interview, a story is always involved and needs to carry the piece along. I always spend time learning about my clients needs and objectives so I can craft that story for them.

  3. We edit everything for you in a polished, seamless package. Editing software costs money and time to learn but because I have spent the time perfecting that craft, I can deliver edits to you quickly.

  4. We make the process easy. The reason you’re hiring a professional videographer/filmmaker is to take that burden off your shoulders and that is exactly what we do. We are there to answer any question and actively encourage you to.

Creating engaging corporate videos, commercial content and marketing videos is what I do best. Reach out to me at if you have any projects you would like to discuss!

I love to shoot corporate videos for businesses, work as a freelancer for marketing agencies and also as a Director Of Photography for other production companies.

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